Pete Amico
Class of 2009. (Deceased) Pete became a member of the CFOA in 1937. He served on the Executive Board in 1949 and was elected to the Presidency in 1951. He then served as Chairman of the Executive Board in 1952. He was appointed Rules Interpreter in 1965. Over the years, Pete was both the Rules Interpreter and the Mechanics Interpreter - training and mentoring many young officials. He also observed and evaluated many CFOA members. When Secretary Eric Calhoun passed away in 1974, Pete stepped in as the Interim Secretary until another member was elected to that office. He has been inducted into at least four other Halls of Fame - the Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame, the East Technical High School Hall of Fame, the John Carroll University Hall of Fame, and the Lake Erie Basketball Officials Association Hall of Fame. Pete has also been the recipient of the Greater Cleveland Football Coaches Association 'Golden Deeds' Award and has received appreciation awards from The Cleveland Touchdown Club and The Basketball Coaches Association.