Tony 'Sarge' Pianowski
Class of 2009. (Deceased) Tony became a member in 1938. He was elected Vice President in 1954 and President in 1955. He was elected to the Executive Board in 1947, 1948, 1953 and in 1956. 'Sarge' officiated basketball for 52 years and football for 46 years. He was a very respected athletic trainer and taught at clinics world-wide. He was the trainer for two USA Mens World Championship basketball teams. 'Sarge' worked for the Cleveland Recreation Department, was in charge of a Cleveland Indians rookie camp, and for a time, even served as the Cleveland Indians Farm Director. He is in the Case Western Reserve Hall of Fame, the Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame, as well as the Lake Erie Basketball Officials Association Hall of Fame. Tony was also the recipient of the Greater Cleveland Football Coaches Association 'Golden Deeds' Award. In 1982, 'Sarge" was the first-ever recipient of the CFOA's "Man of the Year" award.