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Subject: June, 2023 Goalpost Quiz Answers
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Ruling 1: If the penalty for roughing the passer is accepted it will be A, 1/10 @ A 45 YL. The fact that the dead ball spot was not beyond the neutral zone controls the end of the run aspect of this penalty.(9-4-4) Ruling 2: Touchback. R, 1/10 @ R 20 YL. The ball became dead as soon as it broke the plane of R's GL. The kick had not ended because muffing does not constitute possession. Force is not a factor on kicks going into R's end zone. (6-5-6; 2-24-1; 8-5-3a) Ruling 3: RT may accept the results of the play; an awarded fair catch after enforcement of a 15 YD penalty from the spot of the foul; or enforce a 15 YD penalty from the previous spot and a replay of the down. (6-5-6, ) Ruling 4: Since B14 is in possession, B has the option of accepting the results of the play at the time of the whistle or asking for a replay of the down. Since the result of the play would be a safety, B would normally choose to replay the down. (4-2-3c, 8-5-2a) Ruling 5: The GC should start with the RFP whistle and the 25s PC should start as well. (3-4-2a, 3-4-4b, 3- 5-7c, 3-6-1a1e)
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