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Subject: BJ or Umpire help on Goal LINE?

as umpire i would hate to make this call, unless i definately see it i believe the bj would probably have best look at it if line judge was blocked

As umpire, I would huddle and assist, but I would never blow my whistle or throw my bean bag. You do not have a good view to determine if the ball crossed the goal line or not. If you have information to contribute, say something. Do not take it into the locker room to discuss later. I would go to him, and tell him that I saw the ball come loose after he was down, but I can not say if he reached the goal line or not.

This sounds like a "crew saver" play, where anyone who has information better huddle quickly and decide; yes the BJ or U can assist.

ANYONE on the crew who has definite information about a completion or incompletion needs to express his judgment to the calling official. It the CREWS responsibility to get it right!

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