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Jim, does this situation satisfy the components for a PSK? 4th and 10 from A 30 yd line.. A punts to be B... ball goes beyond the neutral zone. B cleanly catches the kick at the B 25 and returns the ball 5 yds to the B 30 yd line the officals notice 12 men on the field for B after the play has ended. a 15 yd illegal participation penalty needs to be enforced. Is a 15 yd penalty enforced against B and B maintains possession . first and 10 from the B 15? OR Does A retain possession with a 15 yd penalty enforcement from the A 30 which results in A maintaining possession, 1st and ten from their own 45? Please advise. Appreciate your efforts. Phil Ungerer

Phil, Here is my earlier response with a couple more notes: Interesting that you should bring this play up. We had an illegal participation play (12 men on field during play) and debated the enforcement spot. The case book has guidelines that specify THIS type of illegal participation should be enforced from the previous (versus basic spot). Other 'types' of illegal participation call for basic spot enforcement. Looks like A gets a new series. Check 9-6 and the Case Book comment for some examples. Since the foul is considered to have occurred simultaneous with the snap, the PSK provisions are superceded.

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